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Laurel Crest Landscape & Irrigation is an industry leader for landscape maintenance services. Whether you are looking for basic landscape maintenance or full service landscape maintenance, we are here to help! From residential properties, to commercial businesses, to homeowner’s associations, Laurel Crest has a customized program to fit your needs. Overall turf and plant health requires short term and long term care, planning, and seasonal management; our team of knowledgeable experts are here to help you achieve this.

Maintenance Services

All landscape maintenance packages to include:

  • Mowing and/or weed eating of all turf areas
  • Edging (hard and soft surfaces)
  • Trimming of all hedges and shrubs
  • Removal of all landscape trimmings and debris
  • Termination of all weeds (located in landscape beds)
  • Blowing off of property

Many additional customized services available to satisfy
​all your property needs!​